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Our Treatments

For Massage


30 min : £45          45 min : £55           60 min : £70           90 min : £100          120 min : £130

This classic therapy utilises the combined senses of smell and touch, through the use of essential aromatic oils, to provide an enhanced sense of physical and psychological well-being. The treatment helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve depression and insomnia; it relaxes muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and aids the immune system.


30 min : £45          45 min : £55           60 min : £70           90 min : £100          120 min : £130

This soothing massage, which can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing, reduces pain by relaxing the muscles. Using long gliding strokes to rub the muscles, Swedish massage reduces tension, relieves stiffness, aches and pains, and improves circulation

Deep Tissue

30 min : £45          45 min : £55           60 min : £70           90 min : £100          120 min : £130

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but applies deeper pressure to relieve chronic muscle tension. The treatment focuses on the deepest layers of muscle, tendons and fascia. Deep tissue massage is particularly beneficial for those with persistent muscle pain, those involved in heavy physical activity, and patients who have suffered physical injury

Thai Yoga

30 min : £45          45 min : £55           60 min : £70           90 min : £100          120 min : £130

This traditional healing technique is unique and highly effective. Thai massage involves a series of relaxing, flowing movements to provide a deep, full-body treatment that combines both energetic and physical aspects. From the feet all the way up to the head, the body is moved and stretched, releasing tension and stress, and helping to improve the flow of energy throughout the body.


30 min : £45          45 min : £55           60 min : £70

Reflexology focuses primarily on the feet to activate the body's natural healing powers. Reflex areas in the hands and feet relate to the organs, glands, and systems of the body. This is a safe, natural therapy which can be applied regularly to help maintain health and well-being. Reflexology helps relieve back and neck pain, digestive problems, headaches and migraine, insomnia and stress related condition.

Head & Shoulder

30 min : £45          45 min : £55           60 min : £70

For those who lead a busy life, this beautiful treatment is perfect for you. Head & shoulder massage targets all the places which hold the most tension - the head, neck and shoulders. A truly relaxing experience for those who need a break.


30 min : £90          45 min : £110           60 min : £140           90 min : £200          120 min : £260

This remarkable therapy is an absolute must-try. Enjoy the wonderful sensation of being pampered by 2 therapists simultaneously. The ultimate experience in relaxation.

Bath Salts

For health

Body Scrub

60 min : £95

Enjoy healthier, smoother-looking skin with our superior lathering body polish treatment. With our premium products, your body and mind will feel renewed.

Hot Stone

 60 min : £95

A deeply relaxing massage which combines massage with the use of heated stones. Gentle and  relaxing, this massage relieves tired muscles and leaves you wonderfully restored

Ear candle

60 min : £85

Light pressure and vibration produced by flaming ear candle plays the role of massaging ear drum and removing dirt from ear wall quickly to achieve
excess waste and toxins from your body. In addition, with technique of removing toxins, the entire operation process brings you a more relax and
most comfortable feeling.

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